This section of my page is designed to tell you how to use the Genetics Kit, as well as mkaing a few simple functions of it a bit clearer. The preview (shareware) version of the Genetics kit doesn't come with any help files, so this can help you work it out.

I also thought this page would be useful because most of my Norn downloads are in .gen format and only the Genetics Kit can view and export these files, so it would be useful to learn how to use it.

Genetics files, in my view are a lot more efficient than .exp files (exported Norns) because you can choose what sex the Creature is, what appearnce it takes and a few other little things, while it still holds the basic mutation or difference.

Below is a table containing information on a number of simple functions of the Genetics Kit (preview or registered version). There is the name of the function, the number of the gene (all the genes are in a list and there's usually around 320 of them, and individual ones can be hard to find), a description and instructions on how to edit that particular gene and an image to show you what I'm talking about.

Note: The order in which the genes come may vary from Norn to Norn, but the numbers give you an idea, at least.

Gene Descriptions & What To Do With Them


No. in List



Header Gene


This is a compulsary gene (all of the others can be deleted) which basically tells the species of the creature. All of the other genes will act the same, no matter what the species is.

Appearance Genes

008,032,077 & 221

This gene allows you to mix and match your Norn's body parts. You might have a Forest Norn's head with a Purple Mountain Norn's body and Ron Norn arms and a Type 3 Norn's legs - it's really cool for creating freaks! The only thing you can't do is mix Norn's parts with Grendel's parts.

Pigment Genes

016, 063, 081, 083, 087, 116, 192, 222, 227, 294, 297 & 300

This set of genes determines a norn's color. You can have virtually unlimited combinations.

Instinct Genes

293, 295, 296, 298, 299, 301, 302, 303, 304 & 307

These genes tell a Norn it's instincts. They're not as obvious as the above three sets of genes, but it can definately help you control your Norn. You can design it so that it runs from it's children, so that it runs from that not of it's own kind (namely the Grendel) or so that it activates objects less or more. It can be very useful for creating a super-obedient Norn!


Name Description Image

Export Function

This function allows you to export the Norn that you currently have loaded. It will appear in Albia as an egg. You have the option of choosing what color you would like the egg to be. As well as this, if you uncheck the 'Virgin Birth' option, you can choose another Norn to be the mother of the baby by typing in the moniker (the series of four numbers and letters individual to every Norn that can be found out by looking under the Genetics tab in the Science Kit) of an existing genetics file in your C:/Creatures/Gentics/ folder, which is where the genetic history of every Norn you have ever had in your Albia goes.You can also remove a Norn from Albia that you currently have selected, which can be useful.

These are just a sample of what the Genetics Kit can do. If you're a real 'mad scientist' then there a lot more complicated things you can achieve.

All of the genes in the Genetics Kit can be programmed to only be activated by male or female Norns (or both) this is how I constructed my special kind of Sex Activated Pigment Norns.



Formulas For Creating Genetic Mutations

Pinpointing the exact gene/s that create a genetic mutation can be very hard, if not impossible. You would have to go through every gene and see if you could see any obvious differences and even then , there's no guarantee that you would find it.

Here I will put all of the information that I have found on creating different genetic mutations.

Note: For decriptions of mutations, please see The Pool.

Genetic Mutation


The 'Undead Mutation'. Delete 'Death! - receptor' (#173 in list), then delete 'Enter senility - receptor' (#170 in list), then delete 'Decay rates at birth' (#001 in list). Then export the creature and marvel at it's undeadness!



Purchase/Download The Genetics Kit

If you would like to get your hands on The Genetics Kit, then below are some links to help you.