In early 1986, The Human Genome Project was set up. It's goal was to research and map out the thousands of genes in the human genome that tell us how to make a Human being. Since then, several hundred of the approximate 100,000 have been succesfully mapped.

In this section of my page, I would like to have available all the information about the Norn genome readily available. Luckily, there aren't anywhere near as many genes in a Norn as there are in a Human, so it will be an easier task. I will include here what all the functions of the seperate genes are, how to edit them, using the Genetics Kit, and formulas for creating Norn mutations.

I would like to point out that this is a place for all the knowledge about Norn genomes to be posted, and not just what I know. So if you have some interesting information, please, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Gene Type Function

This is a compulsary gene that tells the Norn (or grendel) what species it is and what, if any, it's parents monikers were.

Chemical Emitter These specify an emotion or need that is being felt and the effect on the Norn's body.
Chemical Receptor These genes tell the Norn when in it's life it should develop to the next stage.
Chemical Reaction These genes specify the effect of when two chemicals are combined in the Norn's body.
Chemical Half-Lives

The time it takes for a particular chemical to be disolved within the Norn's body.

Initial Chemical Concentrations

These set the levels of various different chemicals when the Norn first hatches.

Stimuli These specify a particular event that happens and the Norn's reaction and intensity of reaction to it.
Brain Lobe This is where the Norn's intelligence comes from. I have no idea how to edit it, though. Do you know? Contact me!
Appearance These set what breed the Norn's body parts are from.
Poses All the different body positions a Norn has.
Instincts When a specific event occurs, these genes tell the Norn how to react and specifies a reward for a correct reactiona nd a punishment for an incorrect one.
Gaits All the different walking styles a Norn has.
Pigment What color the Norn is.
Pigment Bleed Unknown - do you know? Contact me!

Common Birth Defects And Their Causes


Every one of us has probably experienced a Norn stillbirth. But why does it happen? The answer is really quite simple. Sometimes, a Norn is born with no glycogen. Glycogen is necessary to stay alive and when their is none, the Norn will die. Glycogen levels can be edited by finding the 'Glycogen - Initial Concentration' gene. It is approximately #147 in the list.


It is also fairly common to hatch a Norn who keeps looking in the same spot and can't walk. This is the effects of blindness. Unfortuantely, I have not been able to pinpoint the cause of this. Can you? Contact me!

Formulas For Creating Genetic Mutations

Finding the specific genes that cause a specific genetic mutation, can be incredibly difficult. My goal is to find the genetic formulas for making these mutations so taht it will be easier to make 'home made mutations'.

This is no easy task, so I will need your help. Please, if you have any information on this subject then e-mail me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Undead Mutation

And there you have it - an undead Norn!

Infantile Fertility

And now you have a new baby ready to breed from birth!