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A question that every Norn breeder would have thought at least once would be 'what if I could breed a Norn with a Grendel?'.

Technically, GreNorns and NornEls have been around for ages and are nothing new. You can either hack into the hatchery files and add a Grendel genome as one of the parents, or you can get one of teh various pieces of software avilable to do it for you.

But the Grenorns and NornEls never looked like hybrids, and that is because Cyberlife failed to provide the required body data files and sprites needed to mix Grendels and Norns because nature never intended them to be mixed.

Well, that is a thing of the past...Lis Morris of Hippy's Norn Hangout has developed the necessary files and we can now create true Grorns, as she calls them.

In the past, we have been able to mix different breeds of Norns, but never before have we been able to breed two completely different species together!

So well done Lis, your hard work was definately paid off !

To download these sprites please visit Hippy Norn's Hangout!


Download Here!

If you've ever tried to breed one of the original Santa Norns that Cyberlife released for Christmas, you probaby would have been dismally dissapointed because the off spring looked justlike it's mother and hadn't taken on any of the characteristics of it's father. Surely, the baby's body parts would be a combination of the two parents, wouldn't it? No, because Cyberlife neglected to include any of the sprite or body datafiles necessary for successful reproduction of the Santa Norn.Well, that is now a thing of the past. Greg Poehlein of 'NornHoliday' has suceessfully created all the files needed to make cute little Santa Norns with body parts from both parents. He has included all the files needed for all stages of the male Norn's life and has also created a female Santa Norn with all the necessary files for all of her growth stages, as well.

Note: You will require the original Santa Norn '97 for the add-on files to work. You can download him from Cyberlife.

To download these sprites please visit Norn Holiday





Clever little Greg has also created an 'Easter Bunny Norn' with stretrched ears that looks pretty cool.He has made all of the files for all the growth stages of the female bunny Norn's life. If the Norn has children, they may look pretty funny, which is cool so give it a try!

To download these sprites please visit Norn Holiday