As some of you may have already heard, the Creatures Life Kit #1 is now available. The Life Kit is a pack that contains a compilation of useful COBs (Creatures Objects), a preview editon of the Genetics Kit, and most importantly, three new species of Norns.

The three new species of Norns that come with it are

Purple Mountain Norns: These new Norns have different appearances to other Norns. They are purple, but do not have any interesting behavioural genes. These Norns can also be downloaded from the Cyberlife Homepage.

Forest Norns: Forest Norns are very different in appearnace to normal Norns. Naturally, they come with a purple coloration, but that can quickly be changed. They are interesting in the fact that the females are supposedly more intelligent than the males. Stress also supposedly ages females at a high rate - but I'm sure this can also be changed.

Ron Norns: The Ron Norns are descended from the first Norn, Ron. They look like dogs or wolves or something and their main genetic difference is that they are very agressive towards attacks (either form Grendels or Norns I haven't determined).

New Genes: Forest norns and Ron Norns contain three new genes that cause their personality traits to be different. Below is a list of three genes and a description of them.

New Gene Description
Activase This gene is activated by adrenaline and reduces fear and anger.
Turnase This gene is activated when a Norn is cornered causing it to turn fear into anger. This may translate to when a Norn is being harassed by a Grendel, it gets angry, meaning it is more likely to whack the Grendel back.
Collapsase Activated by retreating, turning anger into fear.

To download some Purple Mountain, Ron or Forest Norns with either pigment or genetic mutations, please visit The Pool.

The COBs that can only be found on the Life Kit are:

COB Description Picture
Grendel Scarer This is a really useful little device, that when sprayed on a Grendel, zaps it back up into the trees near the Grendle egg layer.

Portable Teleporter This is another incredibly useful device. They are injected in pairs and if a Norn activates one, it will immediately be transported to the other one of the pair, wherever that may be.
Cage This COB lets you trap grendels, but it can also be used for quarantining sick Norns.
Cage Control Box

This COB controls all of the cages in Albia and can open or close them.

Pills When injected, a group of five or so various bottles will appear on the table. Each one does a different thing to help your Norn stay healthy.

All together, I would recommend this pack as an absolute essential! Especially for freaky Norn breeding, which is what this page is about. If you would like to find out more on getting this excellent pack, then there are some links provided below.



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